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Graduate Students in the Musicologies
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This is a community created for graduate students and advanced undergraduates who are entering the treacherous (mine)fields of musicology, ethnomusicology, historical musicology, etc., etc. If you study music, but not music performance, and you have a heck of a hard time telling people exactly what your degree will be in, this might be the place for you. We also welcome any others with a higher than normal interest in musicology (read: any)—as practiced in graduate school.

If, however, you are looking to find out the answers to your upcoming world music/music appreciation quiz, you won't get that here—there are plenty of other LJ communities to fulfill your needs. You might, however, be privy to some of your TA's bitching. And if it gives you even the tiniest grain of empathy, please—keep reading.

Did I say community? I meant support group.

Feel free to post anything related to musicology and/or graduate student life—funny anecdotes, rants, raves, questions, even calls for papers. Intellectual discussion (including your own work) encouraged. And remember—this isn't a seminar. BEHAVE! Ad hominem attacks strongly discouraged. Don't forget that it's a public community, kids.

Graduate Students in the Musicologies is moderated and maintained by bay_bus_rider and varanus. If you would like to join, just send us your info (username, interests, year in program, and institution if you feel comfortable). Also feel free to post an introduction to the group if you like. Welcome!

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